Friday, 5 March 2021

Wig review: Dollblacks - Harajuku dark green gradient wig

3/05/2021 04:30:00 pm


I've already heard a lot of praise for the harajuku wigs, and admired them on every picture - and although I always loved how they look and wanted one, I never really bought one. That was until Dollblacks, a shop dedicated to harajuku/lolita fashion, was so kind to me to send me this wig for a review!

If you're going to buy any of those wigs, I can really recommend Dollblacks. <3 You can also use my discount code there, so you get 10% off your purchase!

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Wig review: BCHR long pink wig

2/20/2021 03:32:00 pm


BCHR wigs are usually my first go-to when I'm looking for a short wig (review for their short wigs is HERE), and I've always been satisfied!
So I decided to try out their longer wigs as well, because honestly, they seemed really neat ^^

I've ordered two of them, pink one and creamy-blonde one, and I'll do two separate reviews. Stay tuned for the other one! ^^

The wig came again in a BCHR brand bag, with a hard-paper border, a piece of paper inside, and a hair net, giving me the feeling of care as always. :3 

As of the wig itself, you can definitely see the elastic net right here, and I dare to say it has a really nice amount of hair - I tried to prove so by tying the hair with a headband tightly as that's usually what I do when I'm trying to figure out the wig thickness. I can definitely say I'm satisfied ^^

Here's the color as closely to real life colours as I could capture. 

Overall, the wig made a really good impression on me. The bangs are long enough to be cut in a way you'd need, the fiber is really smooth and soft, and under natural sunlight the wig doesn't shine at all (Even artificial light doesn't make it shine almost at all - as you can see in the pictures. ^^

I used both of these wigs for Ahri, one being atop of the other.


So here's a summary of some important information of this wig.



FIBER: pleasant to touch, smooth

SHINE: barely any shine, high-quality

COLOR: exactly like on the picture

VOLUME: perfect amount of hair; definitely stylable

PRICE: Very affordable, great deal in my opinion


aliexpress BCHR store


Monday, 1 February 2021

Wig review: Cosfun Rem from Re:zero

2/01/2021 02:28:00 pm



The Re:zero twins has been under my radar for quite some time now, and as I'd really like to do some maid cosplays at some point, I had to count one of these two in.
And has been so nice to me that they've sent me a wig for Rem <3 So I'm really tuned to start working on the maid dress!

But for now, let's take a look on the Rem wig ^^

It came here via DHL, packed in a box. In my opinion, that is amazing! It is the first time I got a wig in such box and it feels great to know the wig was this safe during the travel ^^

As for the netting, you can see it has the older type of wig net, but in my opinion, considering the length and style, the amount of hair is enough for this specific character ^^

You'd have to be careful with heat though, as the fiber is not much heat resistant. 

When it comes to the color though, I'm more than satisfied. You can find fibers of different shades on this wig - some are more on the blueish/turqiouse side, while the others have more of a darker blue/grey touch. In my opinion, it looks great in the end.
I should also mention that the wig is a bit longer, at least in contrary to my face. Which is indeed appreciated - as I can go and cut the bangs in the right place on my face. And I think it's better to have a bit longer wig that we can cut ourselves, as having it a bit too short is much harder to fix.

The accessories are made by me, out of 2mm EVA foam, and aren't finished - but Cosfun is selling Rem and Ram wigs with accessories as well - feel free to take a look! ^^

Pictures of the wig in action:

 In conclusion, I think the wig looks really pretty. One just has to be a little careful with heat around the wig, as the fiber lacks resistance to it. I think I can go with that without a problem though. ^^

Thanks a bunch again to ! ^-^
Make sure to go and check out what they have to offer, I believe you will find something you'd love! ^-^

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Wig Review: Rolecosplay Star Guardian Janna wig

12/17/2020 10:41:00 am

I've always wanted to cosplay Star Guardians. I've always admired all cosplayers of this fabulous galactic group and at one point, I really wanted to join them. 

One day in midst of my thinking about characters to cosplay, I came across my old in-progress artwork of Star Guardian Janna. I'll be honest here, at that time I basically forgot that artwork ever existed and that Janna exists as well.

But the moment I saw the artwork again, I started feeling a weird kind of hype.
Because I couldn't stop thinking about the character until I finally buy the wig.

I found one on Rolecosplay and did some researching before I finally ordered it, and even though I believe some Janna wigs have more vibrant and interesting colors and color transitions, I'm still really happy with the one I chose. ^^

Here's the wig itself. What I hoped for is that the ponytail is detachable - and as you can see, it is. To be very honest, I really like these kinds of ponytails - they are easy to work with and you can be sure the wig doesn't fall of your head as it also holds you hair.

The inner netting is exactly what I expect from a wig; elastic, and with a good amount of hair.

Closer look at the head. As you can see, the longer hair sections gradient into a lighter, more blue-ish color; just as well as the ponytail.

Closer look at the fiber and it's color. It is very pleasant to touch, from a high quality kanekalon, does not tangle and apparently is heat resistant (I'm assuming that based on the fact how the fiber feels; I think that as I learned my lessons at some points in my life, I can figure out when a fiber is not heat resistant based on the texture and feel ^^')

The back part of the wig surprised me the most to be very honest - as the hair is cut very short, but still perfectly covers the netting and your hair as well! I think that it makes it a very good wig.

Attaching a ponytail on a polystyren head is quite difficult to say at least, but here are some photos of the full wig. The ponytail itself is pretty long yet still does not ever tangle too much and is easily combed.

Overall, I think I can say that I'm very happy and very satisfied with this wig. ^^

And here are some pictures of this wig in action! 




FIBER: smooth, not tangling, pleasant to touch

SHINE: barely any shine, high-quality

COLOR: purple, gradient

VOLUME: Great amount of hair

PRICE: Affordable wig





Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Wig review: Dokidoki Aerith Gainsborough

11/24/2020 05:57:00 pm

 So, I've received this beautiful wig for Aerith Gainsborough. I've always wanted to cosplay this beauty from Final Fantasy and I'm so excited that I can now! <3

In my opinion, DokiDokiCosplay, the store that sponsored me this wig, is absolutely amazing. Their wig and costume quality speak for itself even from the pictures - and once you receive your cosplay or wig, you can definitely confirm that. I'm madly in love with how they handle their store. :3

Plus they are incredibly kind and understanding! From all my shopping experiences when it comes to cosplay stuff, DokiDoki stands on one of the first places. I can't recommend them more. ^^

Thursday, 8 October 2020

EDIT tutorial: Blood Moon Diana

10/08/2020 10:45:00 pm

Hello! As promised, I'm bringing you the step-by-step article of how I edited my Blood Moon Diana selfie that I took at home during quarantine. 
Just a disclaimer: I'm still a beginner in this and I'm bringing you only some basics you could start with. Since the day I made this, I've learned some new things and tips - great thanks to @dzejninn on instagram. ^-^
One more thing I feel like I should mention is that I'm using a graphic tablet - Parblo A610 V2, 260 mm x 170 mm. 
The program I'm working with is FireAlpaca, free and easy to learn art software. 

Monday, 14 September 2020

Wig review: BCHR short bob wig

9/14/2020 12:10:00 pm

 It's been a good year since I've found this shop and ever since the moment I've been recommending them to people.

And with upcoming events in the EU for the next year (taxes for every package from outside of the EU), I think it is a great time to bring you a review of their wig - so you can order some before it's too late! <3



aliexpress BCHR store

BCHR store can be found on Aliexpress and it specializes on synthetic wigs - both regular and lace-frontal. 

Here are some quick screenshots from their store:

Wigs with variety of color choice

Lacefront wigs. Make sure - when choosing a lace-frontal wig - to notice the parting and position of the lace. Black wig in the upper part of the screenshot has only a lace-frontal side parting, while the bottom black is fully lace-frontal


I decided to order a red short wig from this listing:

color options

and here comes the review of the wig alone! ^^

Wigs from BCHR come in a specific bag with a plastic zipper on the upper part. Wig net is also in the package.

Here's the package opened. You can find a wig cap, a net the wig is in, a paper inside of the net to keep its shape, and a hard paper border to keep the whole package in shape.

This is the exact color without any filters or editing.

Inner net of the wig is elastic, has a great amount of hair and also includes small pieces to cover the area just above your ear.

This wig was straightened already, otherwise it curls to the inside more.

The wigs themselves are relatively long and are meant for styling; not for immediate wearing. You can cut bangs, fringe, shorten all the hair, basically do anything you'd like with the wig. Optionally, you can buy a second one and turn it into a clip-on ponytail.

Please note that my wig head is relatively small in contrary of a regular human head, so the wig appears even longer. 
Here are some pictures of the wig in action:
Zobrazit příspěvek na Instagramu

edits are about to come, don't worry. ^^ this was a result of me, going to a second hand and buying really nice costume dress. At the time i was getting home I was feeling bad for buying it, i started to dislike it, but those feelings dissappeard as soon as I tried this whole thing on. Omg. it's a sort of a human!dragon female OC; I wanted to try out some stuff for human!Monstorous Nightmare from HTTYD but I guess this is just... something different. I love it though. #dragonoc #humandragon #dragonoriginalcharacter #humandragoncosplay #originalcharacter #oc #occosplay #originalcharactercosplay #dragoncosplay #draconic #demoncosplay #demonoc #dragonoc #originalcharactercosplay #occosplayer #cosplaydragon #cosplaygirl #femalecosplay #cosplayfemale #girlcosplay #girlcosplayer #sfxmakeup #dragonmakeup #demonmakeup #lizardmakeup #makeupartist #makeupart #facialtattoos

Příspěvek sdílený 🌒 Nauti || Cosplay 🌖 (@nauti_cosplay),

As you can see, I haven't cut any bangs yet (been too scared to ruin such beautiful wig to do that)

So here's a summary of some important information of this wig.



FIBER: pleasant to touch, smooth

SHINE: barely any shine, high-quality

COLOR: exactly like on the picture

VOLUME: perfect amount of hair; definitely stylable

PRICE: Very affordable, great deal in my opinion


aliexpress BCHR store


I'll catch you guys up again once my long wigs from their shop arrive. Stay tuned! <3

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